A Ceiling Completed

The baby’s room ceiling is finished!

Here’s a series of pictures of the progress Robert made in undertaking this giant task:

First, the demolition:

Robert ripped out the ceiling over two days, and discovered the insulation was old and bunched up, and some of it was moldy. Gross. He also discovered that the ceiling fan in the room wasn’t actually attached to anything (not to the studs up above) and was just hanging from the drywall. Fixed that problem too. Good thing, because that would have been right above the crib – not so good for a baby if a ceiling fan falls on it.

Second, the new insulation was put into the ceiling so the baby can be nice and warm during the frigid Chicago winters:

You can see the giant drywall sheets stacked against the wall.

And last, the completed, beautiful, finished ceiling!

It’s now been primed and painted, and the walls are now painted white. I can’t wait until the nursery is close to being finished and the baby arrives! More pictures to come – it’s going to be beautiful!

4 thoughts on “A Ceiling Completed

  1. Congrats to you Robert and Pammy and Mini of course, too. Now let’s just get that big ole baby pushed out and we’re g2g!



    • Really? you’re going to give me grief about not posting? I’m 4 week away from my due date – give me a break!


  2. Good Lord!!!!! I put in a closet and it took me 8 weeks!!! I’m more than a little impressed.


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