Party Four The Gold!

The golden party for Lucy’s fourth birthday was a yellow-hued success! For this year’s party, I started with my yellow quest early: buying party supplies as soon as I saw them, anything yellow! I found yellow supplies in just about everywhere I shopped, and then supplemented with online purchases for what I couldn’t find in stores. I’ve determined that I need something to plan in my personal life to stay focused. Party planning is that creative outlet for me.

I wanted big yellow accents everywhere, so I created party decor with different types of yellow paper and tissue paper. We made giant paper flowers out of tissue paper and hung them around the house. I used yellow patterned scrapbook paper and my silhouette cutter to create decorations too – large number 4s, welcome signs, party favor signs, and flowers. This isn’t a sponsored post, but that machine has changed our decorating life! We can make anything, and we often do! We decided the theme for the golden birthday would be “FOUR THE GOLD!” and made a banner with the Silhoutte to match.

We only served yellow food. That’s one of my favorite challenges with hosting a color-themed birthday party – matching the food! Yellow bananas, macaroni and cheese, yellow chocolate stars, yellow lemonade, yellow cupcakes, yellow potato salad, yellow everything! Because I’m nothing if not obsessive, I also encouraged our guests to wear yellow or white, and most everyone participated!

Although it seems like we always get sick when there’s company over, we fought through our sickness to host a successful birthday. Lucy had a fantastic and fun day and so did we. And with our family and friends’ help, the party turned out to be a yellow celebration of sunshine!

Four The Gold Four Cupcake DSC02608 DSC02602