Everything’s Coming Up Bunnies…

Easter this year was celebrated at our house, with good friends over brunch. Usually, we wait until the last second to do anything: clean the house, make food, decorate. We run around like chickens with missing heads, and every time, look at each other and say “why do we do this to ourselves?” But this holiday was different! With Good Friday off from work, we had more time. Happily, it was the least-stressful entertaining we’ve ever done!

The food all turned out well, the day was sunny, the decorations were cute, and we played wiffle ball outside.

The bunny peep placeholders were my favorite:

Peep Bunny placeholder

Peep Bunnies

And we made bird nests out of potato sticks + chocolate, with robin eggs – salty and sweet together.

Bird Nests!

Bird Nests!

I was happy to produce this holiday with the help of my Pinterest boards – there are so many millions of ideas that are searchable by item. It inspired me to do different foods, decor and try new craftiness ideas. A rousing successful  and tasty brunch. Hooray!