About Us

Pam and Robert

We lived in Chicago in the great state of Illinois for 15 years and have spent 15 happy years together as a married couple so far. We moved to the western suburbs of Chicago in 2007.

Both from tiny towns in states that start with the letter I, we love love love the city of Chicago but were ready for a big change, following the footsteps of many previous parents. We bought our first house, officially became adults, had a baby, and started our adventure in the suburbs. This blog is about those suburban adventures. It’s also about being parents, radiating kindness, striding toward happiness, learning, and having fun.

Yobot is an important word to us, and it stands for “You Only Bought Orange Tangerines” or “Yellow Orange Blue Ochre Teal” or “Yes, Our Bananas Oscillate Temporarily.” or a myriad other options. It’s also our company name.

If you’d like to reach us via email, you can email Pam at yobotpam@gmail.com.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Pam and Robert,
    CONGRATS on the new house, that’s great!

    Love the blog, great pictures.

    Here’s to many, many happy years in your new home!



  2. Hi Pam!

    How are you doing?, been thinking about you guys and hoping things are progressing well with the prego. Please stay in touch and let me know if you need anything. I’ve been through it twice now so if Robert needs some words of wisdom, I’m here.

    Take care my friend and talk soon,


  3. Hi Pam! I finally stopped by your website! How fun! Great job on the site and the house! Hopefully it’s not too long before I get to see you again!
    Much love,
    April G.


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