We are moving!

We’ve decided to move to the suburbs after 15 years of living in the city. There are many reasons why we are moving out of the city; cheaper to buy in the suburbs, get more for your money, time to stop renting and become a grownup, we like trees.

This is the first time we are buying a house, the process is overwhelming and exhilarating all at once. We like to make all of our major life changes at one time. And so, the roller-coaster ride has begun.

We searched for a house for about a month, we looked at about 30 houses before we chose one. We made an offer, and actually walked away, and finally (after 10 times back and forth with the sellers) negotiated a great price that we are happy with.

Our new house is 25 miles outside of the city, just a mere small commute by Metra train. I’ll be commuting to work by train when I’m not working at home, and Robert’s commute is now just 15 minutes – sharp contrast to the 2 hours a day he commutes now.


2 thoughts on “We are moving!

  1. Lovely!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you two!

    Don’t get the sticky traps for the mice. They are not humane. The mice live but then nearly chew their own legs off before morning trying to escape.

    Myself? I just feed them crumbs, clean their tiny poops, and use lots of Clorox on the counters!!!!!!!

    Love you,



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