War On Ivy

So in a previous post I mentioned that the english ivy was growing into our house, into the basement, through the window.

Our home inspector, before we moved in, told us we should remove the ivy from the two sides of the foundation that it was currently growing on, to prevent foundation damage. I’ve heard from some other people that this is a myth, an urban legend. But since it was growing into our house, we thought it was time to END IT.

I recently read a terrifying book by Scott Smith – The Ruins which is about travelers who encounter an evil ground vine. Have you read it? Ivy really freaks me out now.

Anyway, we decided last weekend to wage a war on the ivy on the back of the house.

Here’s a picture of the ivy we attacked:

Before the War

We were new to this type of war. We’re gardening first timers. We have NO idea what we’re doing, except that we need a lot of tools from Home Depot to do it, and a lot of books, and a lot of advice.

We spent about 3 hours ripping up and killing the ivy. It had grown under the siding of the house into the crawlspace, and attached its claw-like tentacles to every surface of the back of the house. It’s like the ivy had intentions of taking over the house and moving on in. We ripped off some paint from the foundation pulling it off. We filled (4) 30 gallon yard bags with ivy waste. We were covered with ants and spiders, who lived in the ivy.

The chipmunks were really mad at us, since they use this ivy as ground cover to get to the bird feeder for their daily snack. They were trying to yell, but their cheeks were full of bird seed!

The next step is to add new topsoil and actually plant some real, live flowers. I’ll post another picture when we do that. But I hear the ivy has a way of coming back…we’ll see who triumphs.