Our plants seem to really love the new house. I’m not much of a house-plant person, but I have three little plants that live in our sunroom/family room/dining room. (we don’t know what to call the room yet)

Here’s a picture of the African Violet plant:

Violet Thriving

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. Fireworks have already started in our neighborhood, every evening the local kids are shooting off bottle rockets and other noise-making devices. I hope they don’t shoot their eyes out.

On Sunday, we went to the Kane County Flea Market to look for treasures. It was a gorgeous day. Robert says there’s only 10 perfect weather days in the summer in Chicago, but I think we’re already on number 31, so his theory is de-bunked. We went way early, and mainly looked for outside things for our yard. We bought a birdhouse, and a wrought-iron plant stand for our patio, and a giant wrought-iron star which is another plant stand. I’ll take some pictures when the plant stands actually have plants on them. They are empty right now.

Last night, we had a knock at the door. She knocked because our doorbell is broken again. Why it’s broken is puzzling to us, because the side doorbell works but the front doorbell, sadly, does not.

It was our next-door neighbor. They have invited us to attend our town’s parade tomorrow with them, and then go over to their backyard for a cookout. Very Fourth of July! We’re going. We don’t really know anyone in our town yet, and it would be nice to make some acquaintances, or dare I say it, friends.