In The Weeds

So the thing about weeds, see, is they grow back. You dig them up and then magically, add a little sun and some rain, and POOF, there they are again.

Stupid weeds.

We spent a few hours a few weeks ago weeding our front patches of dirt. We’ve got two flowerbeds? dirtbeds? on either side of the front door. It’s nice, really! The flippers left some plants, but none were blooming plants. So we added some marigolds, and some white flowers, and some other things that I don’t know the name of, but the plants caught my eye at the HD. The flower tableau we created was lovely – yellow and white flowers, green plants, and lush dirt.

And then the next thing I knew, POP – more weeds.

I’m a little anti-chemicals on the yard – I don’t want to hurt the bugs, or the chipmunks, or the other animals. I don’t want any three-eyed rabbits running around the yard, attacking the squirrels with vampire teeth.

So we avoid the chemicals, so far. But GOODNESS there are a lot of weeds. They grow like weeds!

I’m embarrassed to even look in the backyard. At the property line in back, it’s a veritable forest of weeds. There are so many you can’t even walk back there. It’s like a weed jungle! It’s good hiding for the animals, but not so good-looking for the yard or for the neighbor’s judgement.

We’re at a loss. Any non-chemical advice?