What Rhymes with Orange?

I thought I’d post an update of what our living room vision turned out to be, for this, the second day of Nablopomo.

If you’ll recall, we decided to embrace color in the new house, after living with apartment off-white for 8 years, and paint one wall of the living room Orange, Carrot Stick Orange, specifically.

It’s Robert’s favorite color, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Originally, we were going to paint the large wall, but we decided that was maybe too much orange for our own good.

So instead, the small wall is painted orange, and the sunlight on the orange paint is just beautiful (but I’m sure not-so-great for the paint or hardwood floor)
Orange Wall Sunlight

The sunlight dots are from our Ikea curtains on the front picture window, which faces east.

The rest of the room is a bright white, including the ceiling. We got our couch and orange striped rug from CB2 – which is a division of Crate & Barrel.

LR Couch and rug

We spend a lot of time in this room, and we love the orange. Try some orange paint, you might like it!

2 thoughts on “What Rhymes with Orange?

  1. Might I just say two things…
    1 – that your living room is fabulous and ever so fashion forward!
    2 – that I am rather impressed that your Nablopomo pals are commenting on your site. Lord…it’s a whole movement…an underground citizenry…i feel like I should be commenting on many, many blogs now…but alas I will save my silly little words for my pal Pam. Blog on my friend…blog on!


  2. Where did you find that paint color? I’m trying to find that exact color and can’t seem to find “carrot stick orange” on any store site…


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