Light Issues

We bought this house from people who used the renovation to make a quick buck – Flippers, we call ’em. I think they watched just one episode of “Flip This House” on HGTV and decided they would try it out. They only owned the house for about 9 months before we bought it. We got a deal on the house that we ended up being very happy with, but the flippers cut some serious corners.

I have some good friends who are in the professional lighting industry, and when I showed one of my friends pictures of our new house, he was shocked.

Shocked and disgusted about the ceiling lighting fixtures in our new, happy house.

We call them the nipple lights.

Foyer Lamp 1

I think you can get these lights at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s, if you want to join our way-ahead-of-the-curve trend.

We have these lamps in every room in the entire house. Seriously, every room. Foyer, Bathroom, Offices, Bedrooms, Basement, you name a room, we’ve got this exact ceiling fixture in it. There must have been a huge sale when they bought them, because they bought every one that was ever made.

I explained to my friend that replacing the ceiling lights wasn’t very high on our priority list, and as a lighting professional, he was a little dismayed to hear such blasphemy.

“Those are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. You gotta get rid of them, right away.”

Here’s another view of the lamp, from my office.

Office Lamp

It really disrupts the vision of the licorice allsorts office, but we figure we’d better redo the basement Rompus Room before we jump into solving our lighting issues.