We became avid Tivo users in 2003, upon the recommendation of my good friend Michelle. Thanks Michelle, for introducing us to something so wonderful that just CHANGED OUR LIVES.

If you’re not familiar with what the Tivo is, you can read about the magic of Tivo here.

We’re Brand Loyal to the Tivo – I know some of you have the regular DVR’s, but that’s like buying Gleam toothpaste. I’ve started with Crest, and I’ll stay with Crest. Same with Tivo.

The removal of commercials from our TV watching is really enlightening. Not watching the 13 minutes of commercials in a 30 minute show span saves a lot of time. Time that I use productively by watching more television.

And Tivo knows us! Like right now, we’re watching Conan O’Brien to see the World Series Champion Big Papi David Ortiz, and it’s 6:00 PM. I can’t stay up late to watch Conan, but Tivo knows we like, nay, love the Red Sox, and so recorded it for us. And now I’m watching it when it’s convenient for me, not for the people who decide Conan should be on at 11:30 PM.

Tivo’s so smart.

Our power was out this summer for about 3 days, and being without Tivo was worse than having no electricity. And when we go to movies? I reach for a remote that isn’t there to fast-forward through the junk at the beginning. And I also reach for a remote when listening to regular radio. Tivo spoiled us. And we’re not swayed by the evil giants of advertising! Well, except to tell our friends to buy Tivo.

Do you Tivo?