We have a room off of our kitchen – some call it the sunroom, others call it the dining room, or the family room, or the room of eating and TV watching…

Here’s the second place where a dad-made-lamp appears in our new house. This lamp also has a Frank Lloyd Wright feel to it – and it is really quite large and beautiful.


Now here’s a little something about how we have come to have these lamps.

Each year, my dad’s side of the family has a reunion. This isn’t just any family reunion – it’s a big, 2 day production, with over 150 people attending from around the country. Everyone who attends has to bring a hand-made item to the reunion. After we eat, there’s an auction with a real auctioneer to auction the hand-made items off, and the money raised goes to buy the food for next year. It’s really a great idea, and fun to compete with your relatives to get the most sought-after items.

I won/bought this lamp that my dad made at the family reunion back in 1999. Woo-Hoo!