Jumping To Conclusions

On Halloween, several of the neighbors avoided trick-or-treating at our house. We watched them go to the house on the left, and on the right, and the house across the street, but not to our cute, decorated house. We created this whole scenario in our minds of why they went to every house but ours – like we were being shunned by the neighborhood because of some offense. We’re very new to the whole neighbor thing – we aren’t very good at it, really.

We thought:
-they were mad about the tree-trimming at 7:30 AM
-they hated us because we are democrats
-they somehow found this blog and decided we sucked

But I’m happy to report that the shunning was all in our minds. Completely fabricated. The neighbors came over the other night while walking their new puppy and talked to us for a while. It was nice, pleasant even. They were friendly and kind and not judgemental.

So we’re working on not jumping to neighbor conclusions anymore.

One thought on “Jumping To Conclusions

  1. the worst part about neighbors is that you don’t interact with them often enough to get a good read on what they’re thinking.

    but tree-trimming at 7:30 AM!?


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