Done and Done

The first weekend of December was another very productive weekend at the new house. We like to alternate between being really lazy and taking a lot of naps and being almost manically productive, and this weekend was a super-productive one.

We finished the basement floor! Finally, just three months after the little flood. This was the biggest project we’ve undertaken as new homeowners, besides the stellar painting we did before we moved in.

We started with cleaning out our basement storage room and totally reorganizing everything in it, down to putting labels on the walls for where stuff goes. It felt good to be organized in there.

Next, we tackled the main room of the basement – the Rompus Room. Or the Rec Room. If you’ll recall, we had to rip out the carpet because the house let some water in the basement during a huge rainstorm. Ok, I can finally admit it; it flooded.

We ordered Flor carpet tiles – because if it ever floods again (which it WILL NOT if I have anything to say about it) then the tiles will be easy to replace should we ever be that unlucky.

Here’s a picture of the beginning of the installation:
Flor In Progress

You can see to the right of the picture the cleaned, sealed concrete floor with the glue from the previous hideous tiles. Also notice the strange column in the middle of the room. We don’t know why it’s there.

And here’s an image of the finished, beautiful basement floor:

New Finished Basement Floor

We chose the four colors because they match our giant cozy couch, and our floor pillows:

We’re really happy with the way it turned out, and proud of the hard work we put into it. It’s a perfect room for relaxing together and entertaining, and game playing, and quilting, and crafting, and wrapping presents, and folding laundry, and reading. And now I can stop pretending that we don’t have a basement. The next thing to tackle will be painting the yellow walls to a warmer color to match the floor and the couch. But one thing at a time. Maybe after the holidays.

I recommend the Flor tiles – they were very easy to install and fun to make patterns. I’d put Flor carpet in every room of my house if I could, and in my office at work, and on my sidewalk, that’s how much I love it. They have a lot of other amazing colors and patterns to choose from, too. Give it a whirl!

One thought on “Done and Done

  1. Bravo… another fine accomplishment there on the homestead. The tiles are simply delightful. It makes me want to do that but fear the enormous challenge of choosing from the many millions of options might send me into a paralyzing state of indecision and thus would require I abort the project. Anyway… glad to see your totally groovy sense of style shine through once again.


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