It’s icy at the new house. We’ve discovered that when it’s cold and icy, and because our front door faces east, the ice accumulates and makes the door impossible to open.

We get iced in. The front door won’t even budge.

So we just use the back door.

I’m a little worried about the poor, cold squirrels so I bought some whole nuts in the shells and sprinkled them out in the snow-covered yard – we’ll see if any of the nuts were eaten.

One thought on “Icy

  1. Ok so this will be my LAST official mention or commentary on the whole squirrel thing. That one would actually go the the store and PURCHASE food for the gnarly little scavengers is almost more than I can bear. As such I am forced to lay aside this controversy Pamela and I have on this topic lest I blow a vein in disgust. So, suffice it to say we will agree to disagree and I shall attempt not to burn the cute squirrel dish towel that my friend was so kind as to give me this past Christmas. So funny isn’t she?! I wish you two the best of luck with your ‘creatures’. If ever you drink the kool-aid and come to the dark side, I will be there waiting for you. I’ll be the one in horns and pitch fork.


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