Before And After

Remember when I talked about  Green Dimes, our mail issues and the huge amount of junk mail we were receiving? I thought it best to illustrate this point visually:
Mail DifferenceOn the left side of the picture – this was our junk mail in a typical week, before the Green Dimes service kicked in. One week of mail, measuring a foot tall. One week of catalogs we’d never ordered from, like Topdeq office furniture, or Wine Country Gift baskets, or Hickory Farms, or thirty-seven Pottery Barn catalogs and twenty-six Garnet Hill catalogs.   One week out of 52 of the year where we were contributing heavily to the destruction of the forests.  
On the right side of the picture – this was our mail this week. Happily, please notice the reduction – mail is so much more manageable, and less overwhelming, less likely to cause depression while tackling.  There were even some holiday cards in there!    Mail issues = solved! Green Dimes, we love you!

One thought on “Before And After

  1. Might I add my gratitude for the green dimes tip. I too have signed up and am eagerly awaiting less crap in my box too. It’s very exciting to be green!


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