New House Holiday Recap

Now that it’s well into January, and totally past the appropriate time for posting this, we thought we’d share a little Holiday Recap of our festivities from 2007. Our celebrations were quiet – with our own tree and presents in our new house, and we even dined on some Christmas ham!


Our tree was adorned with ornaments and adored by both of us. It’s a fake tree, and I don’t think I’ll ever get a real tree, ever since my friend Lauren told me the story of a snake in a Christmas tree she bought and took into her home. INTO HER HOME! WITH A SNAKE! We took our lovely, safe-from-snakes fake tree down recently, and now the living room seems much less festive and much less crowded at the same time.

My favorite present from Robert was my new Tiger Pen:

Tiger Pen

It punches. And it looks angry. That’s why I like it. Thanks Robert!

We made a delicious ham because nothing says holiday like pork, but we didn’t really read the label when we bought the ham.  We were certainly surprised to discover that the ham was meant to serve 15 – 20 people.  We still have ham leftovers, and I’m sick of ham omelettes and ham and cheese sandwiches.

We also made cookies and decorated them – look how pretty:

Delicious Temptations

And then we ate them.

That’s the brief 2007 holiday recap from Yobots New House – hope your holiday seasons were joyous and peaceful, and cheers for a fabulous 2008! I could have said “great 2008” but I’m tired of the 08 rhymes already.