Deep Freeze

Winter has set in for sure in Chicago-land. Coming this weekend is a deep freeze unlike any we’ve seen so far this winter. It will be so cold the squirrels will freeze to the trees. So cold that any exposed skin will feel like it’s going to crack off if you’re outside. So cold that without long underwear, you’ll be miserable. So cold that my friend cancelled a party this weekend, because no one likes to go outside in this kind of weather.
It’s the wind chill that will get ya. This is the time of year that I long for a fireplace, or at least a puppy to keep my feet warm. Robert – what about a puppy?

But then I think of my Canadian relatives, in the plains of Canada, who deal with this kind of weather often, and huge amounts of snow, not these wussy 5 or 6 inches of snow that we’ve been getting this year. And then I pretend I’m in Canada instead of just outside of Chicago, and then the cold is easier to bear.

Speaking of bears – we even saw two bears when we were up near Calgary at my Aunt and Uncle’s house – one was a baby bear, alone in the woods.

I like bears.  Maybe we should get a bear instead of a puppy.

One thought on “Deep Freeze

  1. Pam – what the heck…….what are you doing awake, and on-line, at 1:48 in the morning?????

    I read your “Vacation the Hard Way” article. I loved it! Thanks for the link. Your writing is fantastic – very humourous. I’ll definitely keep up with your stuff here. Is this what they call a blog? (okay, it’s obvious by this question that I really don’t understand the techno-world. I barely even know how to load my Ipod, let alone change the songs on it!)

    Lots of love to you, and Robert.
    🙂 Meaghan


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