Auto Show You!

Last weekend, we went to the Chicago Auto Show, here in Chicagoland. I’m on the search for a new car, but haven’t had much success.

We were hopeful that the new car would just find us – like in 2003 when we bought Robert’s car. We went to the Auto Show and we had never even seen the Honda Element, but Robert loved it and we bought it. And now, it’s my turn. I currently drive a car I love, let me emphasize that – love. It’s a blue beetle bug that we bought it in 1999. It’s been all over the country on road trips, has moved us from Chicago to Atlanta and back to Chicago, and has been a faithful friend. If you’re looking for a new car, trust me – the beetle bug is the way to go.

Now fast forward to 2008 and us walking through the Auto Show, uninspired. You may think this post is going to a positive place – of “and then we found the car of my dreams!” but it’s not. There’s no happy ending yet. Sometimes happy endings take time!

I liked this advertising though:
Fun To Drive
Fun to Drive at the Volkswagen booth. Maybe I need a new Beetle Bug. Perhaps a convertible.

We went to the Auto Show on a Saturday night – and it was crowded. There were tons of people, and we often had to wait to get into the cars. But it was fun and interesting to see the new cars for 2008. We sat in a lot of cars, and the most surprising button was this one:
I didn’t know a button on a random car could turn my own Extra-Sensory Perception off. What does this button do?

The only car I really loved was the new Mini Cooper Clubman S. I liked the giant illuminated sign:
Mini Cooper Sign at Chicago Auto Show

And I also liked the advertising:
New Mini Ad

But most of all, I liked the tiny car. Even though it’s smaller than the Beetle Bug, it’s zippier. But I’m not in love with it. I think it’s just infatuation right now. The next step is to drive one, and see if the infatuation turns into real love.

2 thoughts on “Auto Show You!

  1. After the VW expose I was actually gonna state that “A Mini” seems to fit you better and to maybe try one on.

    Take a comparative look at the performance specifications and find the product that matches your needs (they all make ’em cute, thats what they use to sell to the other 97% of the population).

    The only “bad” thing I have heard on the mini is the possibility that the clucth plate may be undersized.

    What ever your (foriegn –or European—as your taste indicates) choice is repair parts will be expensive. The one that requires the least amount of maintenance will require less money in the long run for replacement parts.

    The :”Mini-Cooper” , as I am sure yo are aware, comes in Auto, and convertable (as well as a zippiness quality) and the average MPG is around 50 from what I understand……….

    Give her a drive, give her a chance.

    I am considering replacing my faithful Metro for one of these numbers………………..if you get personal with one, we would love to hear a prospective consumers analysis.


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