The Start of Something Mini

It’s official. The order has been placed, the deposit paid, the dotted line signed upon, and the anticipation is building. We went yesterday to the car dealer, and worked with our new friend Joe to order our new Mini Cooper S Clubman.

We went to the dealer a couple of weeks ago, for a test drive, which is where we met Joe. I immediately fell in love with the car after I drove it – and so did Robert. It’s peppy, incredibly fun to drive, and Mini. I really love all things Mini, like mini-cheeseburgers, Minnie Mouse, mini m&m’s, and mini-vacations. And I also love a person named Cooper!

We thought about it for a few weeks (while I was traveling) and then our new friend Joe was sick one weekend, so finally we connected yesterday and went through the specifics and ordered the car.

I am also in love with the way the Mini-Car-Dealers work – it was the easiest, most pleasant car buying experience ever. No sales pressure (they don’t work on commission), Joe told us the pros and cons of each car option, (and there’s a ton to choose from) and because he’s on his second Mini, he was speaking from experience. It was very casual, very friendly, and quick. I like the brand too – and their brand values are reflected in how they treat their customers. There was nothing shady about it – we didn’t feel like they were screwing with us. We never had to threaten “I will walk right out of this dealership!” Nor did they say “What is it going to take to get you in a car today?”. Refreshing.

The Mini Cooper S Clubman is built to our specifications – it will take 8 weeks or so to be made, and shipped across the pond from England to us here in the Chicago suburbs. The process has been set in motion. This waiting will be good for me – I’m really an immediate gratification type person, so waiting 8 weeks for my new car could be quite a test.

Here’s what we ordered:
Mini Cooper S Clubman, in Astro Black with Silver Roof, Silver sport stripes, red interior accents, manual transmission. It gets great gas mileage, which will be a plus this summer when the oil companies go into Zillion dollar profits. It’s going to be an amazing vehicle to drive. Very hot. Super fast. Although 8 weeks is a long time, it will be full-fledged spring by then, and fun to drive the new car around the suburbs.

I will be sad to let the Beetle Bug go, but it’s been a good car these past 9 years. I’m ready for a change.

I’m already ready to go get on our next road trip. Break out the dice!

5 thoughts on “The Start of Something Mini

  1. Just bought a Mini Cooper Clubman (but not the “S”)…fabulous little car, best I ever had, and that has included Jaguar, Aston Martin and Daimler to name a few! You won’t regret it for a minute and I bet you will never drive anything else!

    Best wishes from England.


  2. Wow – no car yet but I already feel like I am a member of the Mini owner’s club – thanks to everyone that has commented already!


  3. Congradulations!!!

    Manual transmission; keep that clutch in the back of your mind (unless you have been driving a manual for the past 9 years, then there shouldn’t be a problem).


    A response from Michael Bentley.

    THE “Michael Bentley”?

    As in the world famous “Cricketer” from the 1957 Derbyshire lads?

    We may never know.


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