Garden of Eel

Robert and I played hooky in Chicago a while ago, taking the day to head downtown and enjoy the city. It was partly to celebrate his birthday, and partly to celebrate our being reunited after my show.

It was a chilly spring day, but we rocked it out. We started the day with a big walk along the lakefront to the Shedd Aquarium , to enjoy the fishes and the new exhibits. Our favorite animals at the Shedd are the Garden Eels, they are really funny animals that live in the sand, and pop up and wave, looking kind of like Richard Scarry’s Lowly Worm. I only wish we could have them in our garden, except our garden isn’t underwater:

Garden Eels

Then, we went to see another exhibit together…

OK, that’s not us, that’s two lizards spending time together at the Shedd, like we were.

One of the best sights in Chicago in the spring are the gorgeous tulips lining the downtown streets:
Chicago Tulips

After the Shedd, we went to the movies, and then dinner. We didn’t want to eat one of our new friends that we met at the Shedd for dinner, so no fish. Nor did we eat any lizards. Or garden eels. Or komodo dragons.

All in all, a perfect spring day in the city together.