Early Voter

Our ballots have been cast!

Robert and I went and voted early today at the nearby local mall. I like the early voting. You never know what could happen to you on election day – snowstorm, voter intimidation, long lines, underwear mishap. Knowing that our votes are cast is very reassuring.

The process was very easy. If you’d like to vote early in Illinois, you can check out the website here: Early Voting. We went to the mall, had to sign a document stating we wouldn’t vote again on election day, and then visited the electronic voting machines. I voted for Obama – and was happy to see his name was spelled correctly and he was listed first on the ballot. I’m happy that we got an “I Voted Today” sticker.

Read up on the issues in newspapers and on websites, it’s everyone’s responsibility. And then Vote Early! Or Vote on Election Day! Just VOTE!

2 thoughts on “Early Voter

  1. Congrats on voting early! I remember at the last election and our many neighbors in Illinois who had their Bush signs in the yard – us with our Kerry sign – sounds like you are having that same experience in your hood. Luckily we are now in a hood here in Mlsp that supports our Obama signs. Love reading about your happenings there in the burbs. Slade has a mini (going on 5 years which is a long time for him to keep a car) – it has been one of his favs. Cody will be getting it when he gets his DL – we figured the stick shift might keep his attention on the road! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Obama – it has to be our turn this time!!!


  2. URGH, I voted yesterday and they didn’t have ANY stickers! I was so sad! Just a lame piece of paper stating “Once you have cast an Early Voting Ballot, you CANNOT vote in the Polling Place on Election Day.” Booo.


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