Basement Progress

I’m happy to report we are finally liking, nay loving our basement.

As you may have read here or possibly here on this little blog, we have been plagued with basement troubles starting just a couple months after we moved into this little house.

Flooding, mold, losing carpet, flooding again, losing more carpet, finally installation and lots of cash spent on a drain tile and sump pump system, and I’m happy to say our basement is DRY. Completely DRY!

We had a giant snow melt over the weekend, where after 10″ of snow falling in December, the weather turned warm to the 60’s and all the snow melted. So confident were we in our basement and the sump pump that we left and went out of town. I will say we were a little nervous coming back on Sunday afternoon, but our sump pump works GREAT! Basement doesn’t flood anymore, although the backyard was full of water. No ducks yet, though.

Now, we have made basement progress. Official, verified, notarized progress. We’ve repainted the room, installed new carpet, and Robert just finished installing the last step – the new pretty baseboards. Now we get to decorate and put the room back together! Pictures coming soon!

I love our sump pump. I didn’t even know what a sump pump was until about a year ago, and now I can’t imagine life without it! Well, I can, and it would involve lots of flooding, mold and an unusable basement.