What I Learned at the Disney Princess Half-Marathon

Here’s a short list of some helpful do’s and don’ts I learned while participating in the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in 2013. Grain of salt and all that.

DO spend some time walking/running the day before the race.
DON’T spend 12 hours walking through the Magic Kingdom until your feet hurt.

DO pee often before the race begins
DON’T take a break to pee during the race – you could get swept!

DO move immediately to your corral when told by the race officials
DON’T try to change corrals

DO take advantage of Disney transportation on race day
DON’T think you know some secret way to get there

DO rely on your own energy snacks and drinks during the race
DON’T expect someone else to take care of you

DO be open to meeting new people, we are all in this together
DON’T worry about how you look

DO accept an outstretched offered hand
DO dress up and participate as your interpretation of a princess (or prince!)
DO encourage other people, your words have power
DO believe in yourself
DO keep going even when you want to quit
DO keep going until you cross the finish line to get the medal!