Happily, we got the house!

We had our closing on Friday, April 20, 2007, the day we bought our first house! We started out the day early, had a delicious, powerful breakfast at Simon’s, and then put on our super-cloaks and headed to our new town. We had to go to the bank first, and then off to the City Hall, where our new friend Rosemary helped us buy the transfer tax for the closing.

Then, we went to the bookstore, because we were too early (better to be early than late, my dad always says). Our closing was at 10:30 in the morning at the title company. We were nervous – especially because the seller’s lawyer wouldn’t speak to us and didn’t want to shake our hands.

But, everything went smoothly, it only took 90 minutes. In fact, it was a little anti-climactic – both of us kept expecting the big brass band to come in, with confetti and a balloon drop to celebrate the occasion. But instead, we all shook hands, they handed over the keys to our new house!

2 thoughts on “Closed!

  1. Congratulations!! Looks like a great place… I’m excited to visit sometime. PS – Happy late birthday to Robert – I know I am BAAAD cuz I didn’t call or anything… Busy is not a good excuse but it fits.

    I promise I’ll try to call this weekend. I will have more time…

    Luv Donna/Sis


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