Endless Painting

Today is the seventh day of painting in the new house, and we’re only painting 4 rooms. Yesterday, my mom and dad came up on the train as the painting reinforcements. We’ve had two great days of painting, but sadly, we’re only halfway done.

The living room is almost done (color? carrot stick orange on one wall, white on ceiling and other walls)
My office’s ceiling is done (color? peony pink)
Robert’s office is primed
Our bedroom is primed

We’ve discovered that painting takes about 10 times longer than you think it’s going to – especially with the prep work and clean up. But we’re not complaining – it’s fun to paint your own house!

We also are going to buy some stock in Home Depot – we have visited the HD about twice a day on our painting breaks. Luckily, the Home Depots are plentiful in the suburbs, there’s about 5 near our new house.

Here’s a picture of Robert painting the ceiling in our living room – just white. Notice his fine rolling technique, and protective hat and glasses to prevent ‘ol paint eye. We had to do some patching first – I have learned to spackle, and it’s not only my favorite job, it’s also fun to say. Try it – Spackle. Spackle. Spackle.

The Ceiling is the Hardest