Thundercloud Gray

Choosing paint colors can be tricky. All of our apartment rental life, we’ve been stuck with off-white walls. When we moved into our current apartment, we asked the owners if we could paint the walls. The woman, crushed by our suggestion that the walls needed improvement, said “But we chose all of these paint colors ourselves! We really don’t want you to paint over them.” Ok, we shrugged, no big deal. We looked at each other, bewildered, after her statement. ALL OF THE WALLS IN THE ENTIRE APARTMENT ARE OFF-WHITE!

Now, in our new house, we are paint-color happy. Our master bedroom is in the eave of the house, upstairs. The prior owners had painted the master bedroom a brown color:

Bedroom Before

We thought this color was the exact shade of boring.

Change was needed. We’ve chosen a lovely color, Thundercloud Gray. To match our bedding, which is black and white. The color on the paint can looked like this:

Can of Possibilities

After one coat of primer, and two coats of finish paint, here’s what the color looks like on the walls.

Nest of Gray

We are very happy with the color result. We’re keeping the trim white, and changing the carpet color to gray. Those white rectangles on the walls are built-in drawers for underdrawers, we will be adding black drawer pulls so we can actually open them.

We imagine this color will be very conducive to sleeping. At least it’s not boring.

One thought on “Thundercloud Gray

  1. My bedroom is the exact shade of boring. I do like the grey; and matching the bedding is the important thing.

    While I am interested in ALL of the rooms; I am waiting anxiously to see a picture of the peony pink. I just love peonies.


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