New Friend

Here’s a picture of our new friend that we met today in our yard:

New Friend

He’s a red squirrel, not a gray squirrel, although we have both kinds in our yard. They all fight for territory, it’s like a jungle out there. There’s one tree that seems to owned by the red squirrels, and one that is owned by the gray. Or is it grey? Why can’t they all just get along, I’d like to know.

We’ve spent the weekend unpacking, most rooms are pretty near done, except for our offices and the basement. The upstairs is fairly complete, although we had quite a surprise in our closet. As we began unpacking our hanging clothes from the wardrobe boxes into our closet, there was a minor accident. The closet rod, (which was poorly attached by the people who sold us the house) was pulled out of the wall and the clothes fell down. So sadly.

We decided to put the hanging clothes back into the wardrobe boxes, which seems like a step backwards in unpacking. Now, we’re off to the Home Depot to find a real solution to our closet problem.

2 thoughts on “New Friend

  1. Yeah umm…it’s me again. Not that I don’t love all of God’s creatures, but seriously…the squirrel thing. Let’s just say you may not think their quite as cute when they dig up all the dirt in the lovely potted plants you’ll have slaved over, or put a million holes in your yard to bury God knows what for the winter. There are some forms of wild life that should just mind their own beeswax and stay in the trees. But go ahead…embrace them now if you wish…but the clock is ticking.


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