Ants and Flowers

We really like our house, although there are still a few kinks to work out. The bug person came out right after we closed to investigate the house. He found a LOT of different kinds of bugs, but most were dead or areas were dormant. He even found giant centipedes in the crawlspace – makes my skin crawl just thinking about the crawl space. There were also a lot of spiders, silverfish, evidence of mice, and evidence of carpenter ants. It was mainly because the house has been empty for about two years, so the bugs moved in and made themselves at home. But luckily, no roaches!

We were very happy with our lack-of-bug situation until just a couple of short days ago. While enjoying our new kitchen, we noticed a very tiny party going on near the refrigerator and the baseboards:


Yes, I know, these are very small ants. We’re lucky they aren’t the large, menacing, angry ants like these. But we’re tired of these tiny ants walking around, acting like they own the place, making noise, and surprising us in unexpected places, like our pants. We tried the little ant traps, but the ants just walked in and out, and laughed at us.

So our friend Felix, the bug guy, came out today to solve our ant problem. Fingers crossed!

On a happier note – here’s a couple of pictures of a flowering bush that we have in the back yard. I don’t know what the name of this is, but I’m sure our new gardening book from the Home Depot will tell me. I hope it’s not a weed. We still have a lot to learn.


And here’s what it looks like on the side of our yard:

The North Side

I think this is the north side of the house, but I lost my compass, so I can’t be sure.

5 thoughts on “Ants and Flowers

  1. That beautiful bush is a Bridal Veil. The house looks great. Enjoy and we’ll have to get out their soon.


  2. I wonder if that is some kind of berry bush. It sure is pretty. Do you have a hammock for that hammock holder? That would be pretty sweet.


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