Conversation In A Small Town

Robert: “So, Harold, what do YOU do for dandelions in your yard?”

Harold: “Well, I wash ’em and eat ’em in a salad. That’s the only thing you can do with dandelions.”

3 thoughts on “Conversation In A Small Town

  1. I leave them for Calvin to pick and give me a bouquet with short stubby stems and says, ” Look mommy, some dandy flowers!”


  2. I disagree. You can make a lovely necklace, or hold one under someone’s chin and say “butter”. (At least that is how I recollect it).

    Also, if you are adding grass seed, check the weed content of the seed. Usually you are planting about 20% dandelion seed unless you buy the good stuff.

    Other than that, Round ’em up with Round-up.


  3. ooooh, I’m a-feared of chemicals on the lawn. I don’t want to grow any extra toes, or have squirrels with two heads and red eyes. So, we’re trying the natural way of digging them up with the dandelion digger. We’ll see, we may change our tune as the summer goes on. Thanks!


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