English Invasion

We have a beautiful bed of green ivy on the south side of our house. We are about 6′ away from the neighbor’s house on that side, and there’s a groundcover of ivy on both sides of the properties.

It’s unruly, wild, and deep green in color. The chipmunks live under it.

“Ivy”, we thought when we moved in, “how lovely – just like we’re in an English Garden” I think it’s English Ivy. I think I could have made that up, though.

Outside Ivy

We’re pretty new to the whole “nature” thing. We have a couple of houseplants, sure, but for the past 12 years, our lives have been filled with concrete, cement, and asphalt instead of anything green.

Now, I’m not so sure about nature. Here’s a picture of what the ivy is doing in our basement:

It’s In The HOUSE

We may be new to the whole homeowner thing, but we don’t think ivy is supposed to be growing INSIDE of the house.