Cicada Update

Our new home has somehow avoided the cicada invasion. We have large, over 17-year old trees, so we thought we would get them in droves. My friend, who lives on the south side, has been warning us for weeks that it was like the end of the world down there, and he has the pictures to prove it: they are on every tree-like surface. It’s like you can’t even see the tree anymore, there are so many.

Although we’ve seen 2 cicadas in our yard, and a couple on our street, that’s really all. Just a few blocks away though, they are everywhere, too. We can hear them from our house, but it’s off in the distance, and not overwhelming. Quite soothing, really.

I guess we were spared!

Although, that WAS going to be our excuse for not doing yardwork, “too many cicadas to be outside”. We have no good excuse now. I’m off to the Garden Center for blooming plants!