As new homeowners, we have found that we have a LOT of projects. We’ve joined the secret club of homeownership, where that’s what you do on the weekends – stuff around the house. The list is growing, and is currently about seventy-five pages long, single spaced.

Our current project at the top of the list is Window Treatments.

We weren’t really worried before we bought the house, but our neighbors are VERY close to us:


This is the sunroom, or dining room, or family room (we can’t decide what to call the room yet). It’s directly off the kitchen, and has windows on all sides. Two sides look to either neighbor. The neighbors are very nice, we just don’t want them watching us, judging our table manners while we eat dinner, wondering why we’re having takeout again.

We feel exposed.

I’m currently in Las Vegas on a show, but Robert is home working on the window treatment trouble by hanging the new curtains for these windows. I can’t wait to see the finished project when I get home on Saturday. Yay Robert!