Is that a Finch in your Birdfeeder?

At last, the birds have discovered our birdfeeder! There was much happiness in our house when we saw the first one.


If you click on the picture, you can see that the giant red squirrel has handily opened the top of the feeder, for his nut-eating pleasure.

The tiny yellow finch is visiting daily, when the feeder isn’t engulfed in chipmunks.

My Uncle Bill has been fighting chipmunks in his backyard for years. He says to grease the shepherd’s hook that the feeder is hanging on with Vaseline, but I don’t think the chipmunks need to fight dry skin.

We had put signs all over the neighborhood, welcoming the birds to the bird feeder, but they can’t read.

I don’t know what finally brought them in – maybe they heard it through the grapevine from the squirrels and chipmunks “Hey everybody, free food at this house – these suckers keep putting out the fancy bird seed, come on by!”

One thought on “Is that a Finch in your Birdfeeder?

  1. Well so Uncle Bill is much kinder sort than I (think barbed wire). Frankly I think the salve would produce hours of enjoyment watching the rodents attempt to scale the slippery pole. Bravo Uncle Bill!


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