Limb Update

An update on the giant tree limb that fell on our house.

We borrowed our neighbor’s chainsaw, put on our working gloves, and went outside to deal with the limb. The maple tree that it fell from is about 50′ tall – we keep debating how tall the tree really is. As an exaggerator, I like to say it’s at least 100′ tall, but it could be shorter than that.

Upon closer inspection, we realized the tree branch had fallen on our already-rickety fence, and wedged itself in the top. Robert had to use a saw to cut it out of the fence. We dragged it into the yard, piece by piece.

We think this was the first limb to fall:

First Offender

It was an already dead part of the tree. During our CSI recreation of the crime, we think this first branch fell onto this larger branch:

The Whole Enchilada of the Limb

Using our Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass, the second branch looked a little burned – could have been a lightning strike that started the whole problem.

Robert safely used the chainsaw to chop it all up into 3′, city-approved chunks, and he put it into the leaf bags and out for the trash people. Our new suburb has pretty strict rules about how to give them garbage that we PAY to give them. That’s how they roll out here.

We’re going to call a tree doctor to come out and look at the maple tree to see if the other three giant branches that are still over our house are at risk. I feel like Chicken Little, I’m all “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!”

2 thoughts on “Limb Update

  1. How interesting.
    Was the limb touching the power line to cause the burn? Lighting?
    Well done new home owners!


  2. So just how DOES it feel to wield a chainsaw I wonder? I find I can hardly use those shrub clipper things without serious oversnipping, let alone something with a motor. Nice job lumberjack Robert!


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