It was a very productive weekend at our new house. VERY PRODUCTIVE!

We started waving the white flag last week, with our hands in the air over how much there was to do around our house. My Mom and Dad volunteered to come up and help us with our giant, never-ending to-do list.. I tell you what – they are hard workers! We got so much done over three days that we feel like now we could actually have people visit our house.

First, we tackled my home office. Shelves needed to be put up, the desk had to be moved, the wall had to be painted, and the black wood trim for the ceiling had to be bought, measured, cut, painted, and hung up.

We painted the trim black:

trim painted

And the next day, we painted the chalkboard/magnetic paint in between the two closets and hung the trim. (Thanks Shalyn!) Yes, it’s not only a chalkboard – but it ALSO is Magnetic! It’s very cool. The Licorice Allsorts vision of the home office is almost complete!

trim and chalkboard paint

My mom hemmed all of our curtains in the whole house, and they are perfect. Absolutely perfect!

Hemmed Curtains

Here’s a partial list of what we accomplished in two and half short days…We fixed the doorbell, moved furniture, hung curtains, planted marigolds, put up a birdhouse, hung curtain rods, fixed the retaining wall, hung trim, had fun working together, hemmed curtains, painted a bookshelf, fed the birds, glued chairs, ate and slept, installed a new shower head, installed silver door knobs, watched the rabbit outside, trimmed a door, created basement shelves, installed garage door locks, bought plants, and the list goes on and on. Whew!

THANK YOU Mom and Dad! We couldn’t have done it without you, thank you for all of your support.

I’ll be posting more pictures of what we accomplished – cause we’re PROUD! Hooray New House!