Squirrels Cooperating, Rabbits and Chipmunks Living Together

So the squirrel-proof birdfeeder has become quite the gathering place for the wildlife in our yard.

The squirrels are working together now.

First, Squirrel One hops on top of the feeder and opens it with his tiny fists of fury.

A Squirrel on The Feeder

Squirrel Two stays on the ground, waiting for Squirrel One to throw him some goodies…

Squirrel On the Ground

Then they laugh and laugh. They lie in wait until we refill the bird feeder, and then they call up all their friends to come over and feast. They are showing very human characteristics – working together, giggling, knowledge of time.

And now the Rabbit and Chipmunk are in on it.

After the squirrels have their fill, the rabbit and chipmunk come on over and eat the leftovers.

Rabbit and Chipmunks

We can’t wait to see who else will come to the dinner party.