Sunrise, Sunset

Sunday we woke up early in Virginia Beach, VA to see the sunrise over the ocean, at a very early hour…so early, I can’t remember what time it was.

But it was worth it! The sky was partly cloudy and the wind was strong. Just beautiful!

Sunday Sunrise

We swam in the ocean, stepped on some fish, almost got swept out to sea if not for our inflatable ring, and got sand everywhere. After we dried off, we packed the car and started the return drive home.

We drove across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel, went north to Anapolis, and then started for home on interstate 70. We looked at each other at about 4:00 PM, and decided to drive straight through all the way home to Chicago. We kept saying “Is this crazy? Are we crazy to drive all the way home through the night?” The answer we came up with was yes, we were a little crazy, but we really wanted to get home to our new house.

We saw the sunset on Sunday somewhere over Pennsylvania

and kept driving.

We saw the sunrise on Monday over Indiana

Sunrise Monday

and kept driving.

We made it home about 7:20 in the morning on Monday. By the time we reached the city of Chicago, I was fast asleep sitting up. Luckily, Robert was driving.

We LOVE the roadtrip!

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