Halloween Anticipation

As you may know, Robert and I love all things celebratory, including fairs, festivals, carnivals, theme parks, and of course, holidays.

We’ve NEVER had trick-or-treaters in our history together, or if we did, it was just one or two tots to our apartments. With the date change today to October, my anticipation is growing for the excitement of Suburban Halloween Festivities.

I’m a little worried about our neighborhood, though, as NONE of our neighbors currently are displaying Halloween decorations. In contrast, I’ve been saving decorations to display for weeks! We did some damage at Target over the weekend, buying a mini-graveyard to put out in the front, and a spider-web display for the window.

Robert says that it’s proper holiday etiquette to wait until Oct. 1 to display the decorations, and that our neighborhood is just waiting for today to do it. I’m excited to put our decorations out, and I sure hope the people around us will do the same and don’t hate Halloween.

I REALLY hope there are lots of trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. If not – we may have to move.