Squirrels, Causing Mayhem

We’ve proudly placed our little halloween decorations out in the front yard. We have two small styrofoam tombstones, a couple of skulls, and some hand bones (to make it look like there’s a dead someone crawling out of the ground). Nothing too fancy, nothing too scary, but a little indication of our halloween anticipation. We also have a little sign that says “BOO” and a skull on our front door with the words “Happy Haunting”.

We have two flower beds that flank our doorway, and this is where we placed our decorations. I have about five small skulls, all among the flowers, and two sets of skeleton hands.

Yesterday, as I was locking the front door on my way to work, there was a squirrel on our front step. He was literally two feet from my doorway, and trying to look around me, like “What’s going on in there? Are there nuts in there?” I thought that he might just come on in, and make himself at home. He made me a little nervous.

“Go on, shoo” I said to the squirrel. He looked at me, shook his head, and with a smirk, went to the flower bed to wait for me to leave.

When we came home that night, all the skulls and skeleton hands were strewn about, completely out of place, like the squirrel was saying “You won’t let me in the front door? Well, then, I’ll mess up your halloween decorations, looking for invisible nuts”

We thought we’d have to watch out for neighborhood kids screwing with our decorations. Turns out, it’s the squirrels we have to watch out for.

2 thoughts on “Squirrels, Causing Mayhem

  1. Not that I should or want to say SEE!!!!!!!! Nothin but trouble they are…I’m tellin you. You resist…but I’ll be patient. There WILL come a day. I have a dream!


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