Is that an M&M?

At a recent Target run, we purchased some delicious orange and black spooky halloween M&Ms for a dinner party we hosted at our new house.

The M&Ms were innocently on the coffee table in a glass bowl in the living room – festive, I thought – and easily accessible for our guests if they needed a bite of chocolate with their dessert.

The next day, while we were preparing to journey out of the house, Robert reached for a tasty morning M&M treat, and recoiled in HORROR!

There was a small black spider hiding on the black M&M, just lying in wait for some unsuspecting human to eat it.

Luckily, Robert saw it before he tossed the M&M and spider into his mouth.

We have a spider issue in our new house.

And a M&M issue, because of course, we had to throw all the M&Ms away.