Supersad about Apple Pie

Last weekend, we entered the Bucktown Apple Pie Contest, produced by my dear friend Megan and a cast of characters. This is our third year of entering the contest. It’s really a fabulous community event for the Holstein Park in Bucktown (a neighborhood in Chicago). It’s very well done – and fun to attend! You can buy pie and taste the entries, with ice cream, even.

I made my first apple pie for first year of the contest. My grandmother was a great pie maker – her lemon meringue pie was like poetry and looked like a cooking magazine glossy. So I come from a long line of pie makers and pie lovers.

That first time, we didn’t even place. Last year we made the semi-finals, so this year, I talked a lot of trash about how I was going to win the pie contest. Robert and I made several pies in preparation – even four tiny little apple pies where we tweaked the ratio of nutmeg to cinnamon.

We made two delightful apple pies for the contest and called them “Superpie”. Here’s a picture of the finished product before the contest started:


So sadly, our pies didn’t even PLACE this year. Of course, there were 78 other contestants, but still. I was hoping to have made the top ten.

My disappointment is pie shaped and flavored like apples. Maybe next year.

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