Taking Back The Elephant

As a card-carrying, very liberal democrat, I’m taking back the elephant.

My Canadian grandmother (who’s no longer with us) gave me this elephant, and I love it. Again with the living room discussion, here’s how we hung the small ceramic elephant on the wall:

Democratic Elephant

Robert pointed out that the elephant is a major symbol of the republican party (and in an aside, just let me say that some of my best friends/family are republican, and I still love them even though we don’t often agree) and that people who visit our home may believe we’ve switched parties. And that made me really anxious.

Why do we, as democrats, have to go with the donkey? I don’t agree with this rationale about why the symbols have stuck: check it out here. But I’ve decided that I’m taking back the elephant as a symbol. Who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned elephant?