Two Trees

Ok, I’m still in the living room.

My friend Coco sold me these two trees at her moving sale last fall. I bought them because they were a little Alice in Wonderland-y with the strange-shaped bumps, and they bring the cool color green into the orange, white and beige living room. We’ve placed them on a small dresser which stores our tablecloths, and it’s located just inside the front door in the living room.

Here’s a picture of the two trees:

Two Weird Trees

The dresser has become a dumping ground for junk mail and keys, usually, it’s covered with the stuff. We cleared it all off in one fell swoop to the floor, just so we could take this picture.

Our dilemma is what to put above it? There’s a big, blank, stark white wall with nothing on it but the shadow of the fake trees. Should we go with the usual favorite, family and friend photos? Should we create original art? Should we just buy some art, already?

Any ideas?