Reasons We Love Living in the Suburbs, Part Two

Over the Thanskgiving holiday, we reflected on a couple more reasons of why we love living in the suburbs.

So, here’s part two of our list.

1. The Top Ten Library! I go to the library at least every two weeks, and come home with a stack of books. I love it, especially because now it’s winter, perfect reading time.

2. Living close to the grocery store. While making pies before the thanksgiving holiday, we realized we were out of lemons, (for the apple pie) and it was just a quick trip to get more.

3. It’s a shorter drive to relatives houses, by us living 30 minutes outside of the city instead of in the heart of the loop-de-loop.

4. Not one, but TWO IKEAS within a short driving distance.

5. Competing with the neighbors on who has the best holiday decorations. Game on, man – it’s our first year and we’re doing it up big.

6. Squirrels. Really, we love the squirrels. We’re a little worried about how they will stay warm during the cold Chicago winter, but they seem to have it worked out by getting fat and storing nuts.

We’re happy with this first thanksgiving in our new house (even though we weren’t here). It will be exciting to have the upcoming holidays here!