Mail Woes

We have been struggling with a few post-office related mail woes at our new house.

First, it started with not receiving our forwarded mail from our old house. We solved that problem with the help of our old landlord who continued to forward our mail, and then after 4 phone calls and 2 complaints to the complaint department, the post office caught up.

Second, our mailman seems to enjoy leaving our mailbox open, but only when it’s raining. Wet mail = angry postal customers.

Now, the issue is the junk mail. Seriously, we have at least 2 feet of mail every week. Two feet! And that’s not exaggerating. With the move, somehow, we got placed on several catalog lists, and were getting up to 5 catalogs a day. I’ve never bought anything from a catalog. If I buy something outside of the store, it’s from a website, not a catalog.

And the stress of going through that stack of mail every week was causing serious problems, by adding to the clutter of our new house.

I’ve tried solving the problem at the source. When I called Pottery Barn to be removed from their catalog list, it took 15 minutes on the phone. If you multiply that time it took to call one catalog by the sheer numbers of catalogs we receive, I’ll be on the phone for 40 days and nights and will be tearing my hair out in frustration.

But the internet is our friend. On the Nablopomo page, I spied an ad for Green Dimes , a service that reduces your junk mail like credit card offers, insurance offers, coupon mialers, sweepstakes, and catalogs.

We’re giving Green Dimes a try. For $15, they will stop all the junk mail at your address (no matter what name it’s addressed to) and then will plant trees on your behalf – instead of cutting them down to make the stupid junk mail.

We’re excited to see a difference in the amount of junk mail we receive, and we can feel good about doing something for the environment – something simple and easy to accomplish with a few clicks of the mouse.

Hopefully the two feet of junk mail a week will be greatly reduced! Yay No More Junk Mail!

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  1. Hey GreenDimes! Thanks for the comment and for checking out this little blog. We’re excited for the Green Dimes to kick in and begin the magic!



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