Flood No More

Tomorrow is the basement re-do. The Big Day. The Finish Line. The Super Time. The Event. Finally, the End of Basement Flooding (in capital letters, fingers crossed).

They are expected to arrive at around 8 AM, at which time jackhammers will be used, concrete will be broken up, workers will work, dust will fly, drainage systems will be installed, sump pump holes dug, yard destroyed, concrete poured, and hopefully signifying the end to all the water entering the basement. I hope those jackhammers don’t shake the whole house down.

We like to do things the hard way, so we’ve waited lo these many months to make a decision about our basement flooding, and then even more weeks to actually get them to come out here and do the work (8 weeks of waiting).

The past two weeks we’ve been busy with the setting up and preparations – our good friend Wes came over to help Robert uninstall and move the washer and dryer, and figure out what to do with the utility sink, and Robert and I have been busy wrapping everything we own in the basement with plastic (to prevent dusty items), removing baseboards, taking important items upstairs to prevent ruin. I got out of 4 days of work since I was on a show, but Robert has been doing a lot while I was away. It’s been quite a big prep work project, I’m a little frightened of what the post-clean up will be like.

But for now, fear not, because the time has come. Dry basement tomorrow!