Wii Will Rock You

Robert and I have joined the Wii generation and purchased our very own Wii machine.

We started out this relationship with a Playstation 1, upgraded to Playstation 2 and now have upgraded to the Wii. That’s how long we’ve been together – three video game systems. Now, kids, sit back and your Aunt Pam will tell you a story about her first video game system – the Atari. Back then, we didn’t even have color tv’s to play on! And we walked uphill through the snow without shoes to school!

But, in our new house, we have set up the Wii in the living room until our basement is finished, and the playing is addictive. Summer TV sucks, and we spend our evenings competing in various fun games. You have to be careful though, because it’s easy to hit yourself right in the mouth with the controller. Robert is really good at the baseball game (that red sox addiction comes in handy!).

My favorite game is MarioKart, and I will brag now, and say that I dominate. Not only do I dominate in our house, but on the internets too – I hooked our wii up last night and played MarioKart with friends far away.

I love technology. Wheeeeeeeee!