Dumpster Time

After the basement re-do, we decided it was Dumpster Time.

We called a local company who was able to drop off the dumpster that same day in our driveway.

It became the neighborhood conversation piece. Strangers were coming up, asking us what we were doing with a dumpster, and could they put something in it. Neighbor friends were curious too.

It was very convenient to toss the things we couldn’t throw in the garbage, like this:

This was an old, non-working, ugly, spider-infested electric fireplace that has been an eyesore in the basement since we moved in. I’m so glad it’s gone!

We also were able to toss things like the old, rotten, carpenter-ant-infested wood from around one of our trees, the moldy, flooded carpet, and scary garage items from the deep recesses of the garage.

I know a dumpster is not very environmentally friendly, but we tried to be eco-conscious, and not throw away toxic things like paint.

I wish we could have a dumpster in our driveway all the time.