Mail Pattern Wetness

We aren’t prone to paranoia, usually. We review all sides of the issue, and often come up with rational reasons of why things are happening, instead of using our vivid imaginations.

Except when it comes to the mail. I think our mailperson hates us.

It all started out when we moved into our new house. The first time our new mailbox was left open, in the rain, we figured it was just an accident – oops, the mail person left the mailbox open – too bad.

The second time it happened, again, left open during the rain, we began to get suspicious.

Now, like clockwork, if the clouds are emitting precipitation, if raindrops are falling, if there’s a dense fog surrounding the house that has moisture in it, if there’s a heavy snow falling, then the mailbox top will be left open and the mail will be soaking wet by the time we get home.

We figured – well, maybe there’s something wrong with the mailbox. But it’s NEVER left open on a day with no rain. Never.

Last week, we came home to this:

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will prevent the mail from being delivered, but I guess the phrase doesn’t suggest what condition your mail will be in. We need to make friends with the mailperson. Maybe I can bribe with cookies.